Kickboxing, Programming Section Meeting

29 Jun

I’ve been playing tennis with a fellow student here, and since I don’t need the tennis course that much, I decided to drop it and try out the kickboxing course (Reminder: I can still drop/enroll to any course until July 1). A korean girl, suggested enrolling to this course and told us that they usually do a choreography filled with kicks and punches. So, yesterday was the first day, and I didn’t expect it to be really intense… WRONG! In the beginning, I started using lots of my energy by punching hard (since I thought it would be easy), but then I realized that the training becomes even more intense as time passed by.. This kept on going for about an hour non-stop!! (Well, actually we had a 2-minute break..). In the end, it was as if I took a shower and I couldn’t even feel my legs..! And if that wasn’t enough, she made us do ab exercises..!

Apart from the course switch, those past two days we went for a couple of hours to Palo Alto and had a drink. Palo Alto looks amazing and I’ll certainly get some pictures soon. Additionally, I handed in the first assignment for the “Programming Abstractions” course and received the second, which description is.. 12 pages! Furthermore, I also received an assignment from my other course “Client-side Internet Technologies” which is due July 7. Today, I have a section meeting for the first course, in which a discussion is made about algorithms, problems, solutions and any questions we might have concerning programming. Yesterday they uploaded a couple of optional section exercises which would help us practice subjects mentioned the past week. It took me about 2,5 hours yesterday, to complete them..!

More photos soon!

P.S. All my muscles hurt..! And tomorrow I’ve got kickboxing again.. AAA!


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