The first weekend

27 Jun

Sunday night here at Stanford, and currently waiting for my laundry to be completed. Yep, this is the first time and thank god women were around! Let’s only hope that tomorrow I won’t need to go shopping again..! Well, the last two days were really interesting..

Friday 24 / 06 : The Frat Party

I actually didn’t do much all day, apart from completing an assignment that I have to hand in this week. The night though was different.. We were invited to a frat party called Sigma Chi (ΣΧ)! Well, it is pretty close to what most of us have seen in most American-type movies (κλασικές αμερικανιές American Pie, Eurotrip etc.) Lots of people getting in and out, beers all around, drinking games in a number of tables, and all of those in a quite big “house”. The truth is that I expected it a lot better and fun, so most of us stayed there for a couple of hours and then returned back at our residence and ordered domino’s (Yep, at 2:00am domino’s still gets orders..! Love it..!)

Saturday 25 /06 : San Francisco – Trolley Tour – Gay Street Party – The View

Some days ago, we registered (SSHIP students) for a trolley-tour around San Francisco. So, we woke up about 9:00am, ate breakfast at the Stern Dining Hall and Stanford had small “Lunch Packs” for each one of us in order to have some food during the tour. We all met outside of the dining hall and started walking towards the Palo Alto train station in order to take the train to San Francisco. The walk was approximately 40-50 minutes, and trust me on this, we could have done it in 20-30 but for some reason we made a huge circle.. Apart from the duration, the walk was great and the weather was amazing… until we went to San Francisco..! We were informed that it would be cold, but almost nobody expected temperatures of 15-17°C..! The trolley tour took us to various locations such as the Golden Bridge, passed through Chinatown, downtown San Francisco and dropped us off at the popular Pier 39..! When we arrived there, we were given the train’s timetable and were left alone to do whatever we wanted. Since, it was about 14:00 we roamed for a while, got some pictures and then entered a local restaurant called “The CrabHouse” to eat fresh crab chowder..! Food was really good and prices were actually lower than expected (since it is mostly a tourist area).. When we finished eating, we had two options: either go back to Stanford or go downtown for shopping. Guess what? We went shopping..! I didn’t actually buy anything, but I got to see downtown San Francisco better..! We walked around the shops (Nike, Apple Store, North Face etc.) and around 21:00 we decided to go back.. Well, we didn’t.. A girl in our group told us about a gay street party that takes place quite close! This is generally a huge event which is followed by the popular Gay Parade on Sunday morning. All were somehow hesitant and I ended up going with that girl and managed to get my roommate to come as well. We got a cab and he left us somewhere close by since the roads were blocked! Music everywhere, a lot of gay people of course and a large number of policemen for security. The place was full of rainbow flags, rainbow swords and rainbow T-shirts.. We stayed there for a while and then decided to walk towards the train station (that was about 22:30). We actually didn’t know exactly where it was so we regularly ask people for directions. At some point we met a really nice guy that was in his 40’s that was just a business man that visited San Francisco for the weekend. We were all walking towards the same direction and so we started a conversation. He works for a company that produces jet engines for military uses and private companies such as Rolls Royce..! After a 40-minute walk, he informed us about a bar-restaurant that has an excellent view of San Francisco, so we decided to go and have a drink there. He took us to the Marriott Hotel and went up to the 39th floor in which the bar is located.. The view at 23:20 was breathtaking, with glass walls surrounding the bar which allowed us to see a large part of San Francisco..! We sat there and had a drink (the business man paid) and time passed so fast that we almost forgot we had to catch the last train to Palo Alto. We left the bar at about 23:45 and run downstairs to get a cab but unfortunately there was a long line outside of the hotel that had priority. We asked for directions and they told us that it is about 20 minutes from there, 7-8 large blocks away.. We instantly decided to run towards the station and try to make it.. If we didn’t we would have to stay somewhere there, since a cab would probably be too expensive for an hour drive.. Luckily, we made it on time, after a 15 minute run and a couple of sprints..! An hour after that, we arrived at Palo Alto and walked back to Stanford with some friends which were also returning from San Francisco..! That was my crazy Saturday..

A short parenthesis. Just took my clothes off the washing machine and then dryer.. Most look okay but one or two still have stains. Weird, I’m certainly not good at it. I think I’ll put them back and try other settings..!

Sunday 26 / 06 : Sleep, Tennis, Sleep again

Well, after that crazy night, I woke up at 10, ate brunch and then reserved a tennis court with a friend. When I returned, I slept again about 3-4 hours and woke up about 17:30.. Yes, I know.. I slept a lot, and that’s why I’m writing this at this time (2:10am).. Since then, I completed an assignment and climbed with some friends a huge tree outside our residence in order to sit somewhere on top. Yes again, I’m crazy and always try to have fun..!

That’s all for now! I have attached a couple of pictures on this post, so you can get an idea of San Francisco!

P.S. I noticed something else too. When you open an photo, you can also click on it to move to the next.. Leave some comments!


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