Online Lectures and 50mm Photos!

23 Jun

Hello there! Well Tennis Intermediate course seems kinda easy so I think I’ll give a shot at Tennis Advanced.. So today was the first day that the conflict of lectures occurred! I went to one of the courses (“Client-Side Internet Technologies”) and when I got back “home” I logged in at and surprisingly I have access to all of the lectures I’m enrolled! This is generally used for distance-learning but also for students that for some reason can’t attend lectures.


Sound quality is great when the instructor speaks, but student questions are sometimes hard to understand (The instructor though, usually repeats the question). In some classes, students are also being recorded on video when asking questions or commenting. Above, a screenshot that I got from the online video of one of the lectures I’m attending. I’m the guy with the glasses on the right side of the image, on the left of someone with a striped T-shirt..!

After a busy day of lectures, most of SSHIP students gathered at the lounge, ordered pizza and hooked a laptop on a big screen TV to project a movie..!

I also included some new pictures that I got with my 50mm lens..! The pictures are from a somehow central part of the campus.


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