Changes, Faculty Dinner, Tennis

22 Jun

Today I normally had no courses but I decided to search for a course that would replace the Graphics course. Why? I prefer at the moment having a pure programming course instead of a course with math too and the course “Programming Abstractions” should be real fun! It’s basically done in C++ and we cover various algorithms and programming styles. It has (as most courses) weekly programming assignments in which we have to complete an application/program. So, I called the instructor and joined his lecture the afternoon. The lecture was okay but the programming assignments are somehow challenging! There is a slight conflict though. One of the courses that I have chosen is every T-Th @ 15:15 – 17:05 and the other course is everyday at 16:15-17:05 … So, I asked if there is another section/hour that I can attend and the instructor informed me that I can watch all missed lectures online…! I only had to check with the finals schedule (which was great, different day)..!

After the lecture, I dropped by a store which I had ordered my new tennis racket, to pick it up! Next, as members of the Honors program we were invited to a great faculty dinner in which Mr. Rush Rehm, a professor of classics and drama here at Stanford, acted a small part of his latest work and then asked us for our interpretation of the play. Dinner was served and we had a chance to talk to him personally and ask him about his courses, his background and his travel.

Last, a Finnish friend of mine and I went and tried out my new racket at the East Tennis courts..! Amazing courts.. and amazing racket! Didn’t have time for any pictures, but more to come soon!


One Response to “Changes, Faculty Dinner, Tennis”

  1. Vassia Stefanou June 23, 2011 at 13:00 #

    I can see you are getting quite cosy over there! Good for you.. by the way, I left another comment on Tuesday night, but I think it got lost in space.. (?)
    Anyway, enjoy your visit there, we are all living the Stanford experience through you!

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