Here we go..!

21 Jun

I mentioned that I was thinking of getting the “Graphics” course instead of the Operations Management course. Well, Today I attended the first lecture and I finally felt like home :D. It’s filled with programming (C/C++ & OpenGL) and math. The lecture was mainly an introduction to “What is graphics?” and then point, vector representation and their operations. One thing that may instructors (especially CS) may be interested is the online Q&A application that most CS instructors use here. It’s Piazzza! It enables students from the same course to interact with each other, with Teaching Assistants and of course the professor. My next lecture, “Client-Side Internet Technologies” took place in the same room 10 minutes after my previous one (Kinda lucky here..) We were introduced to HTML today and we’ll continue with CSS, Javascript and AJAX. We discussed some examples and visited several sites to view the elements of a webpage. The fun part was that the instructor visited the website and accessed an article about… the Greek economic crisis (!!?) and was trying to pronounce the name “Papandreou”..! When we got back to the tech stuff, he talked a little bit about jQuery vs pure Javascript and added: “If Google had to choose between someone that knows excellent jQuery vs someone that knows excellent Javascript, it will choose Javascript.” (He also mentioned that he did actually talk to Google about this..!!) So, since that’s what employers want, that’s what we’ll focus on. Another really interesting information is that all CS classes are being broadcasted across Silicon Valley (live!), with people from companies such as HP, Google etc watching! Hmm, let’s see what else? My tennis course started today too, and it’s courts are all the way in the other side of the campus.. Without rollerblades it would take over 30 minutes to get there..!

So, today I got an idea of what the courses look like and my final course enrollment will be:

1. Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging (4 Units)

2. Client-Side Internet Technologies (3 Units)

3. Tennis : Intermediate / Advance (1 Unit)

The first course is very demanding, so I’ll have to start studying from tomorrow. Reviewing math concepts and programming methodologies. The second course should be easier and with the third I’ll finally get to play tennis again!

So I have included some pictures of the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center” as promised. Let me know what you think!

**Edit: I just noticed that when you click an image in here, you can go to the next or previous image by clicking a link in the lower left and right corners instead of going back and forth to the home page.


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