First Day of Classes

20 Jun

This blog was actually created today (20/06/11), but I just added the two past days to give a short summary of what has happened so far. In general, I’ll try to post a couple of pictures per day and sum up most of my activities here at Stanford. Enough said. Today, classes started and students are able to attend / drop / enroll (if there is available space) any course until July 1 without any fees. I attended a course of Operations Management in a building called “Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center” which is full of high-tech features. The technologically-wise interesting part of the lecture was when the instructor sat on her desk and pressed a button. The projector (HD of course :D) instead of showing the powerpoint slides, switched to a HD mini camera that was placed on top of her notepad. She wrote equations and their solutions and we could see them clearly on the large screen. I haven’t got any pictures of the building / classes yet. But I will soon get some, since I have other classes there too. The OM course is really interesting, but I’m thinking of switching to another course called “Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging” which is basically programming in C/C++ and LOTS of math such as vectors and vector operations, vector spaces, matrices, basic linear algebra, polynomials, and some elementary signal processing (the Fourier transform and filtering). Although I’ve been exposed to most (if not all) of the above subjects I’ll definitely need to review during the summer. For anyone that is interested, here is the syllabus which I found online: Graphics Last, after having dinner (great buffet, but that will be another post), my roommate and I went for a short walk-jog to have a look at the gym, squash & basketball courts and fencing facilities. Oh, one last thing. In a short meeting that we had, I just found out that there isn’t anyone observing / watching us while we have our exams. They encourage honesty and integrity, and other students reporting cheaters.

P.S. Here are some images of a “small” part of the campus.

P.S.2 This is NOT the main Library..


2 Responses to “First Day of Classes”

  1. Litsa Mourelatos June 21, 2011 at 09:27 #

    Hey Mark!

    So good to read all about how this experience has started/first impressions and the like! It’s great, especially hearing your voice through your excitement!
    I loved reading all of it, in fact, but I hope when you return you tell me more about the integrity stuff esp!
    Say hi to George for me and have a great stay! I’ll be looking in on you from time to time! 🙂

  2. Mark June 22, 2011 at 08:04 #

    Of course I’ll let you know about the integrity stuff! George says hi too!
    Keep in touch!

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