Campus Exploration

19 Jun

Weather is sunny around 28˚C. I mostly rollerbladed around campus to get some kind of direction on where classes are etc. The campus is H U G E and well organized. It is so big.. that it has it’s own Sherif..! I didn’t want to rollerblade with my camera so I didn’t get any pictures but I’ll soon capture and upload some pictures of the campus and maybe a video too! The afternoon we had an informal reception in which we were introduced to the people that are responsible of this program and students that will help us through the session. According to the speech, this program I’m attending was recently created and it has expanded significantly..!  It started with 7 students from Mexico and today we are over 80 students that come from all over the world. Mexico, Italy, France, China, Japan, Korea etc. and of course.. Greece! The reception was followed food and drinks (no alcohol offered of course.. just coffee and tea..) And then a Mexican fellow organized a gathering with “real” drinks..! That’s all for now!


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